Windows including curved for 36-foot Sedan

Peter P

I am back in Ensenada on last leg of refit for Weebles. A few weeks ago there was a thread on windows, particularly the curved corner windows for a W36 sedan.

I had a flange fiberglassed into the window opening as shown in following picture. Mark Plastic bent the 1/4" Plexiglass based on a template he has from years ago, 

From there, a fiberglass bezel was made and screwed in-place with caulking to seat the window. The front center window is now 3/8" tempered glass and is seated the same way. 

Here is a picture of the inside trim around the windows to hide the flange that was built-out. Wood is Sapele (mahogany)

i originally planned the side windows to be custom but it didn't work out at all. I wanted the glass to slide up/down instead of fore-aft but the panes were too wide and not tall enough to slide well, and they kept breaking. So I ended up replacing with windows from Mark Plastics. They were about $850/each (cash, and I picked up in Corona CA). If anyone wants to replace their windows, I would highly suggest getting it done sooner rather than later - Mark would like to retire in the not-too-distant-future. He has a ton of knowledge. 

Here is the first window going in.