Willard Meet Up 2020

Nancy Grenander

Hi all,

just wondering if anyone is planning a meet up this year. I believe there was one last year in Friday Harbor? 


Nancy Grenander

Rick E

The 2020 Willard Rendezvous will again be held in Friday Harbor May 8-10.  Details will be posted on the WOG site as we get closer. Meanwhile I would love it if someone else could organize it this year. (I’m doubtful that I’ll be able to even make it there.) I can handle reservations, mailing list, and collecting for expenses, if someone else will be the main contact, and host at the Rendezvous.

As in years past, I’ll wait until April to open up reservations, but you can mark your calendars now.

Rick E.


Perhaps one year in the not too distant future, maybe a Canadian destination will be picked for a rendezvous :) The area around is 52° 08.7226' N 128° 05.2563' W that I call home, Central Coast of BC, is gorgeous!

Capt. Ana on MSV Nuala May