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Rick E

Hi and welcome to the Willard Boat Owners list! 

This discussion group was founded in 1998 on eGroups, which was bought by Yahoo in 2000. Yahoo shut down Groups in 2019, at which time the archives were transferred to this platform,

Over the years, the list has been very active, and contains a wealth of information from a steady stream of knowledgeable owners. For any questions you might have, it has probably been discussed here-- use the search function to find messages on any topic you can think of.

In addition to this platform, there is an active Owners Group website at If you own a Willard, please check your boat's listing there and provide any updates to it -- particulars, names, locations, owners, cruising adventures, etc.  (Registration on that site is separate from this site --  use the links there to register yourself as an owner.)


-The WBO Team: Peter P, Rick E, & John R

TIPS & TRICKS -from Peter P:

Add A Signature [Recommended!]:
Try adding a signature block! Much of the WBO traffic has been owner questions on repairs, how things were constructed, etc. - stuff where the year/model of the vessel is helpful. If you're comfortable with adding a signature block, here's how to do it (if you aren't an owner but considering or actively seeking to purchase, maybe put "seeking Willard XX" in your signature?). 


Add A Profile Picture:
Want to add a picture to your profile or change the name displayed when you post?

1. Go to WBO on Groups.IO ( and login to your account.
2. On left margin, go to <SUBSCRIPTION> and select <GROUP PROFILE> in the main body of the screen
3. Follow the instructions to add a photo, change the display name, and insert a profile. 
4. Be sure to click <UPDATE GROUP PROFILE BUTTON> at bottom of the page to save changes!

Help Us Maintain the Willard Boats Database-

As these old Willards become collectors items, it is very helpful to have a database of known Willards, to keep track of their whereabouts, owners, etc. The moderators of this site are maintaining such a database, both on this site, and on the Willard Owners Group site. If you own a Willard, please take a moment to check the database listings for your boat to be sure they are up to date, including recent photos, ownership status, location, and any other interesting facts about the boat.

Here is information about these databases:

If you see anything that needs to be corrected, there are several ways to do it:

  1. Fill out the Change Request Form at

  2. Email the corrections/additions directly to info@....

  3. You are also welcome to set up an account there if you want (it's separate from this list), which will enable you to edit your own boat page, upload photos, and access files there. Accounts are free. Non-Willard owners may join as well, but their accounts must be renewed annually.

Any other good tips out there?