Wanted Willard 40

dpstainsby Stainsby

My wife Pam and I are the former owners of Foley's Fault, 36 Sedan Cruiser, Hull #34. We unfortunately had to sell her a couple of years ago. We are now in a position to buy another boat and are seriously considering a Willard 40 but not a wide body. We prefer side decks to interior space.
If anybody on this site has a boat in the Pacific Northwest and is considering selling we would be interested in talking to you,. If anybody has one they would be willing to let us visit that would also be great. We found the 36 a large boat for us so I know it seems silly to go bigger and granted it makes me nervous, but there are some reasons.  We were uncomfortable with the visibility over the bow on the 36 and are expecting the 40 would be better in that regard.

We also have two mid-size dogs who couldn't access the fly bridge, on Foley's Fault, where we really enjoyed operating from. The 40's have, what like looks like to us, a beautiful, dog accessible, stair off the fore deck to the fly bridge so the whole family could be together.

I like the fuel efficiency of the full displacement hull and the covered cockpit of both the 36 and 40. There aren't many full displacement boats out there that are affordable and  that have the features we are looking for so that's basically why the Willard 40 even with the learning curve.

We could be interested in re-powering If somebody has one with a tired engine so  please don't let that deter you from contacting us.

We can be contacted directly at;  dpstainsby@... or 250-248-8843

Thank you Dick and Pam Stainsby