fuel tank replacement

Richard A. Miller

The iron tanks on my 1974 W30 Voyager were replaced in the late 1990’s while the engine was out for rebuild.  They were removed (probably in pieces) and replaced working from the empty engine compartment.

The tricky part was to ensure that the support surfaces were totally sealed where they came in contact with the aluminum to prevent “crevice corrosion” which might not be on the Yard’s radar.

Unbeknownst to me, the new fuel line was fractionally under spec with resulting fuel starvation at wide open throttle, causing the engine to shut down.  That wasn’t a problem until the sea trial when I was selling the boat but it was a devilish thing to diagnose.

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Dan - surprised to hear the cabin sole needs to be compromised. I would think the old tanks could be cut-out with a sawzall and slightly smaller tanks installed. I put inspection ports in my W30 Searcher when I had her, so it's been a long time, so perhaps I do not remember correctly. Thoughts?

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