articulating rudder on W 40

Richard A. Miller

Mike Zimmers recently installed an articulating rudder on his ‘91 W40 Candor and is every bit as enthusiastic about its performance as Richard Soto was about his some time ago on what then was Northstar (if I remember correctly).

I personally would favor rudder modification as simpler and less maintenance than adding a stern thrusting device, but I don’t need either.  I have lots of stern control using propwash over rudder to port, and propwalk to starboard.  Simple after a little practice.

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Search “articulating rudder” in this forum to find lots of info on this alternative that at least two W40’s (Patience and Northstar) fitted in lieu of a thruster.
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With the discussion on articulating rudders peaking my interest, I tried finding Bayview Engineering online but it seems their website is gone. Does anyone have contact info on either them or someplace else that make articulated rudders? Thanks.
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