Fish retrieval WAS: Magma flopper-stopper



If you could describe or draw what you rigged I'd be very interested.

On Mon, Aug 17, 2020 at 02:12 PM, richarddalaska wrote:
As mentioned by Sven, some people attach retrieval line to paravanes. However at 6.5knots the drag on even a 3/16" line is substantial and causes the "fish" to position themselves even further aft than normal.  

I rigged a retrieval system for the paravanes that eliminates almost all muscle effort to get them out of the water and into their "holsters" on the stern. I did this only after I got a hernia when lifting them out of the water during the first year of use. Once I stop the boat it takes abut 3-4 minutes to retrieve the pair. I would try to describe the system but it would sound so much more complicated than it really is that no one would think to do it.




It is easier for me to describe the system verbally rather than by text. Call me.
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