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Looks awesome 

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Okay, so I snapped some pictures of Weebles this morning. Shes just getting finshed-up so a bit messy, but you can get the idea of the layout.

First pic is from the aft door facing forward. I have an L-Shaped settee in the front starboard side. This is a very comfortable single bunk if needed. Its also a decent place for my wife and I to have coffee in the morning with a quilt over us if it's cold out. I'm not a banquette kind of guy so I wouldn't do it, but some folks prefer it. Personal preference. When we bought Weebles in 1998, she had blue shag carpeting. An early project was installing this teak parquet. 

V-berth that replaced the forepeak head compartment. Bunks are 78" long. On Weebles, this was originally in the forepeak; and in this area was a fullsize pullman berth that was tight even when we were younger. Now, with one of us invariably needed a trip the head to pee, vee-berths are much more convenient so the head compartment was moved. Also added an extra pair of ports (thanks Newfound Metals). Also added a small A/C in the anchor locker - note the round vents. Head compartment to starboard (right). Shower stall to port (left)

Stall shower is the only original work in the stateroom area. 

Picture of the head compartment. As an aside, I found the parquet online from a guy who purchased it 40-years ago and never installed. It's tough to find these days. 

Helm station. This is far from optimal. Sea back is not yet installed. The seat itself is pretty high, and the instrument console is also pretty high. It's fine for long watches where much work is via radar, but visibility forward is pretty poor on the Willard 36. It's a huge tradeoff - install a nice helm chair and lose a ton of storage. For me, even with grand cruising plans, will only be underway 5% of the time, and much of that will be from the flybridge. It's something you get used to,

Better picture of the flybrdge benches. Propane locker on port side. These benches are about 6'6" long. Not show are the backs that articulate to allow forward facing seating at front of bench, or a 'headboard' on the bench seating. 

Aft deck. I had a freezer fabricated into a 'chaise' section of the settee. 

I don't think many other W36's have a sloped ladder entrance to the upper deck. Although it encroaches into the cabin slightly, it makes ascending to the top deck much easier. There's a nice mahogany ladder with wide steps instead of the old ladder shown.

Hope this helps give a sense of the space. 
M/V Weebles
1970 Willard 36 Sedan Hull #40

Ensenada, MX

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