Re: W36 Vega and does the Cockpit Seat Make into n Bunk

Ian MacDonald

Hey THANK YOU Peter and Bill for your quick responses, much appreciated. Reason I am asking is that I am once again leaning to a W36 but dont have an accurate sense of the internal dimensions.  Specifically berths. Is that double berth with the fold down single bunk on top on the starboard side adequate / comfortable? Also are there any options to replace the bench seat with a 2 seater dinette in the salon in order to create an internal table (British Columbia North Coast, Haida Gwaii and Alaska is not always weather friendly to relaxing / eating / working in the cockpit).   See attached a couple of pictures of this modification. Anyone have any comments, precautions???  Finally, I know there are some W36's in Puget Sound, anyone know of a W36 in British Columbia that I could track down to have a looksee at the interior dimensions? 

Thank you
Ian MacDonald 
Nanoose Bay
British Columbia

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