Re: Rubrail on W36 pics please.

Dan McNames

Peter, I can only offer what has been our solution to dealing with pylons or random telephone poles or what not.  With the Kettenburg, that gets babied.  But in the Philippines and surrounding areas we use what ever is available.  If you can find 2 adjacent pylons, tie one end on each opposing pylons with lots of slack for tide and such.  Some times off of two pylons, we use LARGE truck inner-tubes tied in the middle of the lines to act as shock absorbers.  If only a single pylon, what I did was purchase a rather ugly and beat rubber boat.  Mine is 8 foot, buy what suits you.  When moving in open sea or even in harbor, toe it behind.  Snug up in harbor.  Mine is painted with a brush, stripped black and yellow.  NO one wants to steal that, too obvious.  When at the pylon bring the rubber boat about on the side, pull it up and tie one side along the rail so it now sets vertical like a slice of toast in a toaster.   Tie both ends of your main boat off the pylon.  A little slack to let your boat and side tied rubber boat to bounce off the pylon.  In my case I made up a strong web strap with buckle and to large D Rings into the strap.  I simply buckle the strap on the pylon and then tie both ends of the boat to the large D Rings.

Works in the Pacific.  If out on anchor, one can use the rubber boat to go the beach or dock or what ever out there.  Again, mine is so ugly and obvious, not so worried about theft.

Dan McN

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