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Gary Knight, Adria

Adria has the Cummins 6B-M 115hp engine, 1800 rpm, 7.2-7.6 knots. Slightly faster in salt water than fresh. Our use of the generator was occasional. When filling the fuel tanks I would fill to about 1 inch from the top of the sight tubes, so some error in judgment of a full tank could creep in here. We are preparing Adria for a trip down ICW, and will rerun fuel check again. I tend to use the 2.3 g/hr for budget and planning purposes, because Adria is new to me, and still getting acquainted with this fine boat.

The trip from Wisconsin to Rhode Island was the best of times.

Gary Knight

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The numbers you presented indicate a fuel burn of 2.3g/hr. On Lilliana, the identical hull to Adria, we typically burned between 1.5-1.7g/hr. So I am curious what speed you were running at. I suppose since you are trying to get home you ran somewhat faster than my slow poke mode. Or maybe you use a generator a lot. Just curious.
Richard P

W40FBS Adria

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