Re: African Boat Renaming Ritual

Andrew Adams

Thanks for sending us this. It does seem quite meaningful. If the Greeks and Romans had had GPS and VHF and diesel and fiberglass, I wonder if they would have been less focused on the ‘smiting’ that Poseidon and Neptune were doing so much of?


My personal commissioning ceremony was memorizing and reciting Tennyson’s “Ulysses” from the bow, which describes the intensity with which the protagonist would like to go to sea.




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Dear WBO Friends,

As promised, attached is the script for the African boat renaming ritual I devised to rename my 2001 Willard 30 PH. I apologize, in advance, for any typos or grammatical errors in the document.

Clyde W. Ford

Mystic Voyager, Willard 30 PH 2001

W40 FBS No.1 “Patience”

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