Re: willard 36 windows


I have replaced some of the flat windows in two W36S boats. In hull #6 I replaced the forward side sliding windows with Diamond Sea Glaze sliding windows. The thickness of the cabin sides was 19/32”.

On hull #34 I replaced the 4 side windows with DSG sliders, and the flat center windshield with a hinged opening DSG window. All 5 of these windows had 5/8” thick walls, made up of 1/4” fiberglass molding bonded to 3/8” mahogany plywood.

I too have looked for white key lock H strip but found only black available. If anyone finds a source of white I would also be interested. Mine is very decayed but so far I have chosen not to disturb it. If someone finds a supplier who can make a batch, or has it in stock, I will happily participate in measuring the thickness of the curved part of the wall and the cost of setup to produce the white material (within reason of course).

W36S #34 The Grey Goose

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