Re: willard 36 windows

Peter P

Hey Steve - been a long time. Hope you and Rattler are doing well. She was the first W36 built, Weebles is the last. 

Did Mark give any idea why he won't make the frame for the curved windows? He has a mold for them, but I have to say, it's a tough fit. Even if he only got them close, with a heat-gun, it might be possible to get them field-fit. I don't have close-up pics of my windows handy, but will snap a few in a day or so. Mine are custom-fabricated by the yard here in Ensenada, but in hindsight, would have been easier and probably cheaper to use Marks. He did curve the 1/4" plexiglas for me which worked out fairly well (picture below). 

The plywood portions of the walls on Weebles are probably 1/2", not 3/4". Total thickness with fiberglass skin is probably 3/4" I would probably give the black rubber welting a go even though it's black. I beleive there are some decent paints out there for plastic and rubber that are fairly flexible. Would probably get at least a few years out them if not longer. 

Here are some WBO posts that might help -  unfortunately, the tinyURL links are now dead, so no pics, but he gives a decent explanation. Interesting idea to use a massive heater on the inside as he forms the plexiglass.

M/V Weebles
1970 Willard 36 Sedan Hull #40

Ensenada, MX


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