Re: Vessel Name Change

Peter P

Good thing there is no limit on number of boats having same name. Otherwise, a LOT of Puffin's would be scraping their old name off the transom. 

An interesting aside - a friend purchased a very nice motoryacht that was only a few years old. The previous owner had it built, and was upgrading to a larger version of the same boat. Befitting a $2m vessel, it has very fancy raised/lit name on the transom and the previous owner stipulated the boat must be renamed - "Quintessence" could not be reused. When my friend found out how expensive the letters with lighting was, he decided to rename the boat "Quintessa" needing only an additional "A" to round-out the name. Previouos owner was NOT amused.

M/V Weebles
1970 Willard 36 Sedan Hull #40

Ensenada, MX

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