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Sean Eamon Kennedy

I’d highly recommend getting a WA state parks annual pass for your boat. It’s $5/ft for the whole year, and you could get most of the way home staying on their buoys. The per/night buoy fee is $15 so you may not need the annual pass. On the other hand, with a pass you don’t necessarily have to go ashore each time to pay the fee. 

The Willard 30 also fits easily on a lot of the parks’ docks so you can get ashore for showers without even getting the dink wet. The only problem is they get busy on weekends during the summer. 

Hope Island state park is only about 8nm north of Olympia, and is one of my favorite south sound spots. 

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I look forward to a get together! 

an update - after waiting patiently for 2 weeks, I got a phone call from UShip to let me know the rig was on its way from Idaho to pick up Black Pearl in From Antioch in 24 hours. The boat should be in Olympia by Thursday. I will splash her and head north within a week. 

Does anybody have a recommendation or experience with Olympia marinas. I’ve still had no response from Swantown.
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