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John Patten

Good evening Sir, a pleasure to meet you and your very hard working wife. Do not do anything stupid to let her get away if she will utter the simple word Willard.

I am just down river from you a couple clicks. Now you know how old I am. When I was much younger and still capable of doing so I would have wet dreams of Willards. Now you know that I am a dirty old man who cut his teeth early one full moon night on a Nassau beach at the tender age of 13 during College Week when the ratio of lasses to lads was 14 to 1 and a 5 Bahamian dollar roll of toilet paper could be traded for ????? sheet by sheet by sheet! My mama didn't  raise no dummy so when I was able to walk straight again I traded????? for Crest toothpaste  and got married three times before the sun set and the good stuff started.

Well I am just an old washed up fart living on Pine Island at the 0 mile marker of the Western ICW. I don't do heads or sand and epoxy blisters on even Willards any more. Several years ago my very loving wife at the time and I entered into a contract on a beautiful Willard that was laying in an inland river to the West by a couple weeks sailing time. Survey went well after I paid 3 X the survey rate the vessel was in such a remote location. While the surveyor was typing up his report, much more for a written report but I passed on the very expensive version with two pictures, the lefty side and the righty side.

King Neptune and I had had a long chat and the good King had told me to walk away. He never tells me why to do or not to do things and I never argue with the good King. A couple of weeks later, the same day that our delivery voyage was to have placed us at the Alabama/Florida line changing course for the overnight run across to Tampa and then calm ditch waters home to St. James City, there was a surprising very late in the season blow, can't remember it's name or the town that it came ashore but it matters not because the town is no longer there anyhow, perhaps it was Mexico Beach, FL, can't remember  my point is that my somewhat lovely wife, myself and our black  lab Salty Dog would have gotten very wet and after seeing pictures of the houses our new bateau bottom would have gotten cleaned as it sailed up Main Street of this no longer in existence town.

Enough of the bullshit Cap, when you are ready I will gladly deliver you, your lovely wife and your Willard to wherever you wish to end up. My best shipmate passed a few years ago now after I helped him die for two years after he was in a traffic accident here on Pine Island in which his spine died, it is called Osteomyelitis. Just for shits and giggles the good Doctors cut his balls and pecker off, the formal name is a hemicorporectomy. It kinda pissed him off when they did it, did you know that you can still get mighty pissed off even if you don't  have the plumbing to take a good piss with anymore? My not so good wife nowadays can still get mighty pissed off at me and she never had any plumbing to get lopped off Sir.

Sadly my Willard dreams have come to an end as I have aged to the point of requiring a full time professional Captain & crew aboard at all times.

I am growing older by the minutes waiting for European Covid-19 health precautions to abate so I can complete the final papers of my 50' antique tugboat and Maersk will build a heavy sea cradle, load her as top of stack lashed deck cargo, provide in water professional salvage divers in both ends , load and deliver within 14 days to Port of Miami/Port Everglades for total sum of US$42,500, my exact original sum of my coveted Willard Trawler.

I understand that life has managed to kick the shit out of you in so many different ways. Determine today that you will never ever let that happen again Cap and put some blue water under your keel again.

Sir, may all the seas encountered during your remaining sea voyages be calm gentle following seas!

Capt. John D. Patten
Bokeelia, FL 33922


On Sat, Jun 26, 2021, 8:32 PM chris gibbs <wylie39@...> wrote:
my name is chris gibbs. a couple years ago I bought Island Seeker from
John Brooks. (he's a hell of a guy) The boat was in storage on the
caloosahatchee river.

it was tight and simple but it had been sitting in the dirt and central
florida sun for an age or so.

we got a few weeks of work into it. the name got changed to Sugar King 
(it was Island Seeker- but I already live on an island and...)

so I put together a pretty simple blog- and this details our trip down
the river -only about 10 miles or so...and some of the work that we
(mostly my wife) have done-

it's a 36...from 1963. Maybe it's hull #24 with that odd Continental
Diesel- untold hours- but John had some head work done. And it ran like
a top.

so- if you like? the site is

yea- photos included.

and don't mind me. I'm 54, and 25 years ago some drunk dude in a car ran
over me and my bicycle so I'm paralyzed from the chest down.

so...some of this is interesting.

I apologize up front- I don't use the forum often- so that's why I
responded to this mail.

in November the plan is to see if we/the boat can make it out of the
river to the ICW by Port Charlotte and steam up to Jacksonville in the
north- and check out the St. John's River.

Thanks- enjoy the rest of your weekend folks

and sorry if stepped on a bunch of toes.

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