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Best helm seat upgrade on Moonlight so far was getting the auto-pilot working ;-)

If you search through the messages and photos there’s been some discussion about this. The geometry is tricky on the Voyagers. The icebox seat is too far back and too high, but anything in front of it gets in the way of the exit. I’ve been happy lately standing at the wheel for close maneuvers or setting the auto and sitting back in comfort on a cushion on the icebox.

My new concern is for co-pilot seating. The icebox really isn’t big enough for two bums. Herself would often perch on the galley counter, but I’ve raised that and now it’s not so comfy. I’m thinking about a lift-up seat at the end of the ice-box, over the steps to the salon, as an extension of the ice box. Not sure it’s going to work, frankly.

A good option is to only cruise in pleasant weather when everyone (but you) will be out on deck enjoying sunshine.


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Also, looking for ideas to improve the helm seat situation. Any pictures for a 30 foot Willard will be appreciated.  Thanks.

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I highly recommend you ignore the blisters until you’re really ready to tackle the problem properly. It’s highly unlikely they’ll sink the ship no mater how bad they are.
I'd absolutely second that.  Very few blister problems are structural.  Congrats on a great little ship !

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