Re: W36 - PH Conversion Rendering by Tad Roberts

Sean Eamon Kennedy

One of the few things I really don’t like about “Moonlight” (my 30’ Voyager) is the tiny cockpit. The thing I don’t like about the 36’ sedan is the lack of forward vision from an inside steering station. And the 40’ is just too big for what I need. Tad Roberts revision is my Goldilocks Willard.

I really like fly-bridge-over-the-salon designs. It keeps the weight lower and and windage further aft than having it over the pilot house. I even thought about building comings like that on Moonlight - not for a second steering station, just for security and wind protection when relaxing up top. But the salon is well aft of the centerline, so I figured it would look too goofy (not to mention being a pain to build).

I’m guessing he was really designing for a (radical) upgrade to an existing sedan build, complete with existing deck mold. So he was only modifying the limited area of the pilot house. But if I could have a completely new deck mold, here are things I’d ask Mr. Tad to change for me:
  • I’d stick with the vertical pilothouse front, rather than raked forward or aft - just to keep more of the original feel
  • I’d make the pilothouse a dedicated space, with doors port and starboard
  • Maybe bring the floor of the pilothouse up a little higher for even better sight lines
  • Definitely go full width salon
  • I’d also lengthen the salon - with a dedicated pilothouse you’d be giving up a chunk of the livable space. There’s cockpit to spare (compared to the 30’ Voyager). And unlike the Voyager I’d have the galley down in the salon. 

Where do I get one? 😍

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Sean Eamon Kennedy
Vega Voyager “Moonlight”

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