Re: Anchor winch location?

Sean Eamon Kennedy

Here’s what I did with a horizontal windless...

On Dec 5, 2020, at 11:29 AM, Douglas Nightingale <farrier@...> wrote:

I had no winch, so the choice for a vertical winch came down to having the capstan on top of the chainwheel, which gives the option to kedge off from multiple angles if I should be grounded.  My anchor locker is fairly small, so not having the motor in the locker and the raised box increases the fall into the locker.  I have 600' of 5/8" nylon and 50' of 5/16" chain, anchoring situations up here in local waters require a lot of line and often short scope.

I see no reason why the horizontal windlass wouldn't benefit from the same type of raised platform...

Thanks for your compliments :-)

Sean Eamon Kennedy
Vega Voyager “Moonlight”

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