Re: Hydraulic Steering Install

Sean Eamon Kennedy

Wow, 7 turns L-t-L seems like a lot. The Big T is only 3 isn’t it? In close quarters maneuvering I find even this is a lot of spinning back and forth. At 7 turns is the resistance small enough that you could go with a tiny wheel and a spinner? That could be fun!

I replaced my Big T a few years back with an Intella-steer system that has a motor for the autopilot built into (behind) the steering column. So far I like it very much. It really cleaned up the space behind and under the steering station. (It even came with a remote steering set up which I haven’t really seen much purpose for.) I think I paid less than $800 for it. But I also replaced the cable, so there was that expense as well.

Sean Eamon Kennedy
Vega Voyager “Moonlight”

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