Moonlight refit take 2

Sean Eamon Kennedy

Moonlight (Vega Voyager) is back in the water after another long period of refit. I’ve uploaded a set of photos showing the new anchor platform and windless.

I’ll post more photos of the refit as I can, but here’s a rundown of things done:
  • New intermediate bearing on the shaft
  • recut the end of the shaft and fitted a cone zinc on the end
  • Removed caprail fittings (stanchions, cleats, etc), painted the rail yellow, and replaced the fittings 
  • Sanded down and repainted (with non-skid) the foredeck and decks above the salon and pilothouse (still need to do the cockpit and deck over the fore cabin)
  • Removed the mast stay chainplates, replaced them heavy duty pad eyes.
  • Painted the sides of the fore cabin - after getting rid of all the protuberances forward of pilot house door (I was always banging my knee on the running light)
  • Installed railings on the salon and pilothouse decks
  • Installed clips on the salon deck by the rear door so I can carry the boarding ladder there. Now I can use it to access the upper decks when I don’t need it for water access
  • Wired the mast for lights and installed a step on the front side to help getting onto the pilothouse deck
  • Gutted the heads, including cutting access into the engine room space forward of the fuel tank for a holding tank - it’s a blank slate now, prepped for a full renovation
  • Redid the foredeck with new anchor platform and windless (photo linked below)

I sure am glad I didn’t spend a lot of money upfront for a boat that was ready-to-go. Sure was a smart move. Yep. Real smart. Anyway, I may try to squeeze in some cruising before I start in on the heads.


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By: Sean Eamon Kennedy

Sean Eamon Kennedy
Vega Voyager “Moonlight”

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