Re: fuel tank

Robert Green

Brian,  I replaced the tanks in Hank, my 30 ft. Searcher as they had rusted through in the bottom corners.  The originals were not baffled.  On the 
Searcher the engine has to come out from below the pilot house, and the tanks are under the sides of the pilot house. It's a fair chore to access them.  In view of all that I had to do to access them, and the unusual shape that conforms to the expanding line of the hull,  I opted to go back with new aluminum tanks.

Bob Green, 30 Searcher Hank.

On May 12, 2020 at 1:50 PM "Brian Arndt via" <arndtlimited@...> wrote:

does somebody know......

do the original iron tanks on the 30’ hull have any 
baffling ???? 



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