Designer of the Willard 40


Does anyone know who was the designer of the willard 40? I recently was sent drawings of the Willard 40 from 1974 made by naval architect Jay Benford when he worked for Willard for a short time.  Jay said he “drew” the boat but suggested someone else designed it. I am not clear what the difference is between drawings and designs. 

The hull shape of the Willard 40 looks quite similar to some trawlers that Jay has designed over the years.

For historical records of our boats, Mr. Benford might have more original detailed drawings of the willard 40 hull. 

Richard P
Willard 40 -Lilliana-Sea of Cortez, Mexico
Willard 30- Puffin- SE Alaska
Tiffany Jayne 34-sailboat- Dancer- SF Bay

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