Roll Chocks


While we “shelter in place” in San Carlos Mexico, I have decided to have roll chocks installed on Lilliana, our W40 sedan. Has any other W40 owner made preliminary designs for such fins? I need to decide on length, width, thickness, shape and placement. At present I just have the photos from Veronica that are on this site.

One consideration involves how to set the angle wrt the hull so that they do not break off if we ever go aground on an outgoing tide.. Assuming that much of the weight of the boat would then rest on one chock we wouldn’t want it to break off or puncture the hull.

At present I think I would make the chocks from 1-1.5” plywood, covered in fiberglass and epoxy with a large radius fillet at the point of hull attachment. Leading and trailing edges will be streamlined  but not sharp.

Any idea are much appreciated.

Richard P
Willard 40 -Lilliana-Sea of Cortez, Mexico
Willard 30- Puffin- SE Alaska
Tiffany Jayne 34-sailboat- Dancer- SF Bay

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