Re: Help in hull transducer location for 1972 Willard Vega 30 foot Trawler?

Pease, Dan

Try cutting an access hole in the engine room sole. You may find room there.
Other place would be under step into vee berth, slightly to port of center. 
I also have one aft of engine beds to starboard. A bit hard to get to, but doable.
Access to the hull is tough, I have a Horizon and have cut many access ports. One in vee berth sole, several in salon/galley (to work on shaft bearings), Also in sole under cockpit 
These areas are all heavily built, thick plywood core.

On Wed, Mar 11, 2020, 16:35 James Vickers <vicplasma@...> wrote:
I need to install a in hull sonar transducer.
I need a location where the fiberglass touches the water no air gap and no keel or other obstructions below water line.

Seems to get to a spot like this I must remove some of the sub floor.

Does anyone have a suggested location were I can transcive through the hull?

Directions to good drawings will help.

Thank You

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