Re: W36 sedan - prop shaft dimensions?


When I offered to check the length of a shaft I was (and remain) sure Pete was going to use this info to ascertain whether an adequate length was available to his shipyard to duplicate his old shaft, not cut and key way a shaft to exact length. 

One thing you might check is what type of shaft zinc your current shaft has. If it is a collar type between the prop and aft cutless  you could consider changing to the prop nut style, and shortening the forward end of the shaft a bit to move the scored section forward. My current 36 has this and I see no sign of vibration caused by the prop being closer to the deadwood. The prop walk is more pronounced than my previous W36, but this one also has a 2.91 reduction vs 2.57, so more pitch on the prop which could affect prop walk. This would be an inexpensive fix, and if you don’t like the result then back to a new shaft!

A dripless seal can also work to overcome the scoring by moving the point of sealing on the shaft, but of course this raises a whole new discussion. Hull 34 has had a custom built built seal/thrust bearing/Cardan shaft setup since 1967, all still in perfect shape. I assume only bearings and seals have been changed. It can be done, but no doubt with a swap of risks, not elimination of risk!


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