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Ulrich La Fosse

Thanks for the two ideas: tracing the cables from the panel toward the mast; and checking the stainless steel mast support tube.

The first idea was not possible as a former owner had cut off/coiled cables and not marked them. 

However, it turns out that the wires that run up to the flybridge and then to the mast all go through the support tube (none  go into a trough above the headliner). So, I was able to trace back from the tube, to the bottom of the galley cabinet, along the ER ceiling and finally into the cabinet to the right of the lower helm (which is a veritable snake pit of three decades worth of wiring). The first thing I did was apply labels!

In the end, I was able to save/re-use the radar power supply cable. No such luck with the network cable though.


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Richard P - why do you feel a wired radar would have been a better choice? 

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On Lilliana the mast wiring is almost exactly as Ron described. At the base of the mast is an inverted J that leads the wires through the roof and into the aft end of a teak tube. They then go forward into a soffit at the forward end  of the saloon.

i recently installed a new furuno radar that only requires a power cable going up the mast. The radar image is sent by WiFi to an iPad. 

In hindsight I would not have purchased this WiFi radar. I would instead use a conventional radar cable and run it on the outside of the mast.

for my more detailed comments see my posts on the trawler archive site.

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