Re: mast spec and sail size for voyager 30

Dan McNames

Pending where you are and what is close by, I would look for a boat breaker, someone who salvages damaged or unwanted sailboats.  We have plenty of that about where I am.  Take the entire rigging and mast assembly and adapt to your W30.  Aluminum masts are easy to trim and same with the boom.  Many sailboats are all set for fold down anyway and this gives you the opportunity to weld on any mounting tabs, if not already present, for radar and antenna.  So many used sailboats are scrapped that the breakers often just chopsaw the aluminum and sell scrap by the pound.

I have had a sailboat with mast in some form or another since I was 19 and I am just turning 68 (ugh).  While wood masts look great and are traditional, they are a lot of work, varnish or Awlgrip.  Personally I would go aluminum.   While not a price option for for a W30 but I put a carbon fiber mast on the Kettenburg and that cost as much as the original purchase price but I don't have to pull it down every year for inspections but that is a different situation.

Four years ago someone gave a buddy of mine and I a 32' Grand Banks just to get it out of the slip he was taking over.  A dog but good Ford diesel.  We spent the summer at the boat salvage yards collecting stuff for our Experiment and just for grins mounted a cut down aluminum sailboat mast and rigging along with the older but working radar and antenna fixings.  Whole sailboat package including 3 set used but serviceable sails.  Turned it into some kind of nightmare motorsailer .  Then sold it for out expenses.

It can be done.

Dan McN

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