Re: fuel tank thickness


One of the fuel tanks developed a small leak two years ago so I decided to replace both pf them. The material cost is negligible compared to the labor costs. I elected to order 1/4” marine grade aluminum. The folks doing the work used a sawmill to cut up the old tank with the engine removed. The new tanks are much lower and longer. I don’t know the reason they elected to go that route. They moved the muffler and hot water tank to the aft lazarett. I made sure these tanks were ,mounted so that all surfaces received air: i.e no standing water possible. 

The cost was excessive but this was done in Alaska @$105/hr without my presence. I had no choice.

Now Puffin has a new Beta engine ((2013) and new tanks. What next?
Richard P
Willard 40 -Lilliana-Sea of Cortez, Mexico
Willard 30- Puffin- SE Alaska
Tiffany Jayne 34-sailboat- Dancer- SF Bay

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