Re: Stern thruster ?

Richard A. Miller

In my view, way too complicated and would compromise the “double hull” collision protection formed by the integral fiberglass holding tank which is part of the hull structure.
Richard M, 1999-2000 W40 Adria 

On Feb 9, 2020, at 11:14 AM, WILLIAM FOGARTY via Groups.Io <Wfoga71400@...> wrote:

Here is what you might consider.  Install a airhead composting toilet. Take out the holding tank.  Install the bow thruster.  The composting head will reduce fresh water consumption if you use fresh water for flushing toilet 

On Feb 9, 2020, at 11:49 AM, Sven <southbound@...> wrote:

I'm curious if anyone here has added a stern-thruster like this to their Willard (of any size) ?

<Side power.jpg>

We definitely do not want to put in a standard bow thruster as that would require reducing the capacity of the holding tank and involve major surgery.

The stern would have to be modified a little bit to build up a flat surface for a Side-Power style stern thruster.  I haven't checked to see how much space there is between the stern (just under the water line) and the rudder post,  but that might be a show-stopper.

Right now it is just a daydream,  but it would be interesting to know what others might have done.



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