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Andrew Adams

Thanks, Ana and Sean. The intake was clear, the sea strainer was very dirty, I’ll replace the coolant and impeller tomorrow. I may not be able to do another full-throttle test right away, but I’ll report back when I’m able.





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If you haven’t drained, flushed and replaced your coolant in a year or so I’d start there. Needs to happen anyway, and might solve the overheating problem. 

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You have a good starting list.  Just do the easiest first!

But of course, you knew that.

Richard M

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By chance, I’ve just taken the Patience out for an hour to see how things are working after being off the boat for a while. It’s cold but clear and without wind in La Conner. And the bow thruster solenoids need replacement, so no bow thruster. But the articulating rudder turned me down the fairway with ease and without forward motion. Coming back, I used reverse to stop in the fairway, then threw the wheel hard to starboard and pushed her into forward at idle, and she gracefully put her nose toward the slip. So I don’t really need the bow thruster, let alone a stern thruster. My thanks to the previous owner’s father for putting in the articulating rudder.


Item two, for the group: the Perkins stayed around 180 degrees F up to about 80% of throttle. After 5 minutes at full throttle, the temp gauge read 220 and the red ‘high temp’ light came on. I backed off to 60% (maybe 2000 RPM) and the light went out and the temp returned to 180. What should I do? Impeller? Manicooler? Look in my sea strainer? Thanks for any advice.






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Search “articulating rudder” in this forum to find lots of info on this alternative that at least two W40’s (Patience and Northstar) fitted in lieu of a thruster.
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