Re: Stern thruster ?


I have a bow thruster on my Willard 30 Nomad. Although the boat manuvers well without it thanks to the over sized rudder, it is still very nice to have in challenging docking situations.

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On Feb 9, 2020 3:40 PM, Ana <ana.movingplanets@...> wrote:

I am grateful to the previous owner of my Horizon 30 for the bow-thruster. Being by myself on the boat as I am year round, it comes in very handy when docking in challenging weather conditions. But I agree that the big rudder is wonderful!

As for the overheating issue, it could also be air in the fresh water circuit. To bleed it, it is necessary to break the hoses loose at the freshwater pump and at the water heaters (if applicable). If the oil and coolant levels are good, and if the raw water and fresh water circuits are healthy as well, then the problem could be faulty fuel injection.


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