Re: Stern thruster ?

Pease, Dan


I’m a big one on thinking outside the box, and I’ve given this thruster thing some thought.

I don’t know what one of these stern thrusters costs, but here is an idea.

I propose using a Torqeedo cruise (I think that is the model) as a stern thruster. I’d mount it on an outboard bracket on the stern, it could be one of those that is spring loaded with an up and a down position. Or you could custom build a system that would give tree heights, storage, thruster and get-me-home.  Your style points might be slightly diminished, but here is a way to carry/store your dingy motor, and a have thruster with very little boat modifications, interior and exterior, physical and electrical.

I have a 37 foot Monk designed trawler, and have experimented by pushing the stern with my dingy and Torqeedo and it has plenty of thrust, in either direction.

The most difficult thing about this install would be to run the extended control cable to your helm.   No heavy duty wiring or added load on your house or start battery.  Lithium Battery with plenty of capacity self contained.  No holes below the waterline. Completely quiet!

Added benefit would be a limp home, short trip, motor, ready to go, just rotate 90 degrees.   Also, Torqeedo can run continuously, unlike many thrusters which are very much for short term bursts only.

Put some of the money you saved into a second battery and you will have a dinghy motor that will run all day.

Dan Pease

On Sun, Feb 9, 2020 at 11:49 AM Sven <southbound@...> wrote:
I'm curious if anyone here has added a stern-thruster like this to their Willard (of any size) ?

We definitely do not want to put in a standard bow thruster as that would require reducing the capacity of the holding tank and involve major surgery.

The stern would have to be modified a little bit to build up a flat surface for a Side-Power style stern thruster.  I haven't checked to see how much space there is between the stern (just under the water line) and the rudder post,  but that might be a show-stopper.

Right now it is just a daydream,  but it would be interesting to know what others might have done.



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