Re: Flybridge removal on a Willard 40


The trip from Juneau to Port Hardy is an easy flat water delivery. The only open sections are ~3 hours before Prince Rupert and 5 hours before Port Hardy. It is a comfortable 2.5 weeks or about one week if you run all day. I have made that trip about ten times in a  Willard 30 and never had a problem.

If the boat is not seaworthy you can ship by barte from Juneau south (call AML Alaska Marine Lines). They can supply a cradle for a price. However I am not sure if they are allowed to stop in Canada.

At the end of August there are numerous fisherman from Washington who will head south to Seattle. Maybe you could find one of the more experienced crew on a seiner to deliver the boat to Pt. Hardy.

But why Pt Hardy?  There are no substantial marine facilities there. Port McNeill is more boater friendly. Just a few hours south of Port Hardy.

Richard P

Richard P
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Willard 30- Puffin- SE Alaska
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