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Daron Toll

Hello Willard Group,
Looking for some help to identify my Willard Vega 36 standard motorsailer. I would love to know he hull #.

From her Coast Guard Vessel Documentation:
- She was previously known as "Coffee Break"
- Before that she was known as "Dandee"
- Her US Doc. Number is 295120
- Her call sign was ""WY2421"
- Previous owners were James Hardick and Edward Lenahan

She also had a liveaboard permit from Ventura Harbor attached to a starboard window

I purchased her in Long Beach, California at the semi-annual Los Alamitos boat auction (tax lien). I have finished the some of the work (electrical, canvas, wiring, plumbing, fuel system (tanks are in great condition after polishing), and am now getting serious to finish. I am having a Perkins 4-236 built to replace the shot engine that came with the boat. The plan is to get it ready to travel by the summer. I still need to get it on the hard and finish the engine and controls, bottom paint, electronics, and I am sure lots of other stuff.

Anyone in the group know how to identify her hull#?

I have done a lot of research but only know what I know now. I am thinking of naming her "Little Willy" and the dingy "Big Willy" but could use some advice on that decision as-well

I have attached some photos.

Thank you,
Daron Toll

Ps: Thanks to everyone who worked to keep this site alive...……….I have been a silent member (creeper) for some time but now have a renewed interest to keep another Vega 36 in service

On Monday, November 4, 2019, 5:37:29 AM PST, Peter P via Groups.Io <pete_pisc@...> wrote:
Bruce - sorry for the delayed response. Attached is a schematic diagram (not to scale) and two pictures of Nokken that I pulled from the sales' listing, the restored W36 sedan that just sold in the SF Bay Area. It has a v-berth with head to starboard. The schematic is the diagram I have my crew in Mexico to re-configure the v-berth. This was an early iteration, and the precise measurements have been updated. For example, the new bulkhead for the head will intersect the port window on that side, so I decided to reconfigure the ports too - there will be three on each side versus two. The final picture of Nokken shows the forward bulkhead that encloses the chain locker - on my vessel (and I assume on Nokken), there is a cabinet behind the door with a floor just below the lowest level of the cabinet door. Below the floor of the cabinet is the actual chain locker: rode is fed from windlass down a 2" standpipe that bisects the opening of the cabinet door. I include this because I have seen one W36 where there is no forward bulkhead - there is a shallow "shelf cabinet" beneath the windlass and does not extend down to the v-berth, so the v-berth goes to a point in the bow. 
The reason I am re configuring into a v-berth is we want the separate bunks. This allows ease of getting up to go pee, and the double bunk is pretty tight for two people, especially as girth has expanded a bit over 20+ years. Also, when we did our 75-hour run from SF to Mexico last year, we had a third person aboard. Having separate bunks would make it more practical for the two off-watch people. Finally, as you can see from the schematic, because the bunk is now angled, the length is actually extended even though the distance between the bulkheads is the same. Shower stays in same location. Everything else changes. The stateroom has been totally demo'd to bare hull and is being reconstructed as we speak. 
At any rate, Groups.IO allows for sub-groups to be created. I created one for remodel/re-configure ideas, but not sure it wouldn't be better to go with W36 topics. 
It's really great that you are posting - yours is a super cool boat, especially with the aft stateroom similar to an Albin 24. I really like the idea of a true sail plan vs the dinky steadying sails common on Willards. In a seaway, sails will really 'set' the boat in a way that even stabilizers will not. And of course there is the redundant propulsion aspect to it. I look forward to seeing plenty of pics.

M/V Weebles
1970 Willard 36 Sedan Hull #40

Ensenada, MX

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